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Multi-family residential


Our intelligent utility sub-metering technology helps you conserve energy so that you can focus on the next big thing.

Pacific Metering offers value added services and solutions to building owners and operators through our utility sub-metering services.

Our services provide valuable energy usage feedback ultimately helping our consumers conserve energy on utilities including Natural Gas, Hydro, Thermal and Water.

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How It Works
An integrated solution to accurately allocate energy usage to tenants for cost-effective opportunities.


Utility energy usage tracked by sub-metering equipment


Utility usage billed to building owner/operator by utility providers


Sub-metering equipment allocates tenants their fair share of utility provider invoice based on usage


Pacific Metering bills tenants for usage and collects funds from tenants


Pacific Metering transfers funds collected from tenants to building owner/operator


Owner/operator pays Pacific Metering sub-metering fees and Repeat Cycle

Tenants – Understanding Your Bill

Get to know the most important parts of your bill.

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Community Message

The 'Community Message' section of your monthly bill will include relevant information and any updates that could require your attention.


Account Detail

The 'Account Detail' provides a summary of each of the Utilities measured in the Billing Period. The current-period usage is calculated by taking the difference between Current data read vs. Previous data read.


Estimate of Charges

Should there be insufficient data related to your utility readings for the Billing Period, an estimate of the charges will be displayed here.


Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Domestic Hot Water (DHW) refers to the energy, measured in kWh, required to heat up the water used throughout the occupied space.


Charge Summary

Under the 'Charge Summary' section of your bill you can review the breakdown of charges related to the above Utility Readings. The Amount Due is taken from the total Charges.


Electronic Funds Transfer Only

Although our statements display a remittance section - all tenant payments are processed through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Please refrain from sending payment by cheque as these will be returned upon receipt.

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Detail Charge Summary

Along with the 'Account Detail' of your Monthly Bill displayed on Page 1, the Detail Charge Summary is an in-depth breakdown of your monthly charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the start of your tenancy, you will be provided enrollment details through our owner/operators.

Payments can be made by Pre‐Authorized Payment only at this time. Please do not issue payment by cheque as these payments will not be processed and sent back to the tenant.

Our billing cycle is monthly, based on the calendar month. You will receive your bill monthly, normally on the 5th Business Day in the month.

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact us through our website’s contact page, or the phone number on your bill.

Please submit relevant information and further questions about your charge through our website’s contact page.

No. Pacific Metering passes on the utility rates directly to the consumer. We do not mark‐up or increase the rates of utilities. Rate increases occur through utility providers.

No. You are being charged specifically and only for your usage. As each unit has an individual meter, we are able to determine your usage and bill you accordingly. These meters are verified for accuracy through our vendors and providers to ensure each meter is working correctly.

Your bill is based specifically on the rates for each utility used and the usage of each utility. Rates are calculated by our utility providers and are passed on to each consumer.

An administration fee is applied to cover operational expenses. It is not tied to your utility usage.

Due to the complex nature of utilities being provided and billed in a residential complex, the utility usage is required to be read through a sub‐meter and allocated to tenants accordingly. Utilities in your building cannot be allocated on an individual basis as the chosen utility provider bills only in aggregate.

Your deposit covers any arrears in the event payment is not received. If your account is current and there are no upcoming arrears, you will receive your deposit back in full upon ending your tenancy.

No we are not a utility provider. We provide sub‐metering services which provide tenants their utility expenses based on actual consumption.

By billing individual units through their metered usage, we are able to allocate utility usage fairly to all tenants, based upon consumption. With further awareness of usage trends, tenants can be more conscious of their usage, helping save money while lowering their carbon footprints.

Yes, you can receive your bill via email. If there are any changes to your email address, you may contact us through the contact page on our website.

If there are any changes to your mailing address, you may contact us through the contact page on our website.

Our contact information is listed on our invoices, or if you have a general question, you may contact us through the contact page on our website.

YES Energy Management is our database providers’ Energy Management Platform. As a part of Yardi, YES Energy Management provides customer service and billing assistance to Pacific Metering.

Tenant agrees to set up Pre‐Authorized Payments (“PAP”) as the payor with Pacific Metering as the payee. Through Pre‐Authorized Payments, your utilities will be processed on approximately the 25th of each month. This will ensure your payments are processed on time each month.

By entering into their tenancy agreement, tenants understand and agree that a fee of $25 will be applied to the account for each occurrence of insufficient funds.

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